And the infinite ways of making education happen in the Portuguese-speaking African countries.


Sonha, Faz e Acontece (Dream, Do and it Happens) was born in April 2012 after a few of us landed, for the first time the Summer before, in the island of Príncipe (São Tomé and Príncipe). What started at first as a one-month volunteer mission quickly became a permanent task of empowering education in the Portuguese-speaking African countries.

Presently, two projects fulfill more than 50 volunteers daily dreams. Day by day, years after years and project after project, they have been promoting education and sustainable development, both in Príncipe and Portugal. There in Príncipe, we send every year a team of volunteers who organize Summer camps for children, workshops, professional coaching for youngsters and adults, as well as rebuild schools and health centers, partnering with local teams. Here in Portugal, we dedicate ourselves to hosting and guiding youngsters from the Portuguese-speaking African countries who come to Portugal to pursue their studies.

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Compromise and responsibility. Cooperating beyond borders. Dream and ambition. Believing and investing in human power. Linked by the Portuguese language.


We dream and make education and sustainable development at the Portuguese-speaking African countries happen.


That special group of people who dream for a living.

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Our 5th anniversary is coming!

April 13th

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Two projects that make us capable of reaching thousands.

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Portugal Project

Portugal Project is devoted to hosting and guiding youngsters coming from the Portuguese-speaking African countries who come to Portugal to pursue their studies.

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Príncipe Project

Príncipe is the smallest island of the São Tomé and Príncipe archipelago. It has an estimated population of 7,500 people and most of them are youngsters.

Dreamers' Notes

What we write and what everybody says about us

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Príncipe Project stories told by who live them in the island. .

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We are the news. Here and There.

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Dreamer's Notes

Volunteers and associates testimonials. The mutual feeling of who gives and who receives.

Because it is easier to create added value when we dream together.


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