The Prince is the smallest island of the archipelago of Sao Tome and Principe and has a population of about 7,500 people, most of them young people. Our intervention on the ground aims to promote education and sustainable development. The Prince Project has an impact on about 2500 people annually. Our field activities include computer classes, English, math; health training; entrepreneurship contest; summer camp; rehabilitation of health centers among others.

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Principe 2018

In 2018, we were on the Principe Island for 3 months, with a team of 11 volunteers. We took again the mission of making the project more sustainable and, for this, we invested in the local volunteers training as a way to capacitate them to be able to boost activities in an increasingly autonomous way.

Volunteers: Ana Romano, Ana Tavares, Ágata Salvador, Rita Santos, Diana Melhorado, Filipa Venâncio, Maria Cubas, Cleide Ramos, Ana Lopes, Bárbara José e Carla Gonçalves.

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Principe 2017

In 2017 we were on the island for a period of three months, with a team of 13 volunteers. The main objective was to train the local volunteers so that one day our presence is no longer necessary, that they themselves are able to dynamize the activities in a completely autonomous way.

Volunteers: Rita Matias, Rita Calvão, Marisa Francisco, Filipa Leal da Costa, Lídia Gama, Ana Romano, Duarte Noronha, Maria Inês Falé, Manuela Chumbo, Filipa Reis, João Gouveia, Mariana Neves e Nicole Ribeiro.

Principe 2016

The 2016 project had 18 volunteers and a field implementation of 4 months. The main focus was the health area and on increasing the impact of the entrepreneurship contest.

Volunteers: Filipa Galrão, Maria Miguel, Beatriz Oliveira, Miguel Jerónimo, Francisco Maia, Sofia Brás, Margarida Matos, Margarida Marante, Patrícia Silva, Bernardo Paixão, Rita Gama, Francisco Gouveia, Maria Silva, Adriana Afonso, Alexandra Guerreiro, Ana Mendonça, Lídia Gama, Filipa Pais e Catarina de Oliveira.


Principe 2015

From July to October, our team, which in 2015 had 24 volunteers, implemented several activities on the island, including two that are already a flagship of Sonha, Faz e Acontece at the Principe Island: the Xináa Fogáa Summer Camp and the Gravana School.

Volunteers: Nádia Dinis, Beatriz Oliveira, Tiago Gonçalves, Joel Silvestre, Catarina Rua, Joana André, Rita Gama, Ricardo Gonçalves, Inês Fernandes, Alexandra Guerreiro, Joana Caçador, Nuno Gomes, Sara Drumond, Teresa Félix, Nuno Inácio, Paulo Fontainhas, Catarina Vital e Ana Brito.

Principe 2014

This year the Principe Project was even more ambitious: in July, 17 Portuguese volunteers embarked to the island and joined our São Toméan volunteers for 4 months. It was the first year in which reading clubs were promoted in various fields and the Jornal do Príncipe was launched.

Volunteers: Tiago Gonçalves, Tiago Guerreiro, Daniela Vieira, Luísa Costa, Luísa Figueiredo, Nádia Dinis, Ana Matias, Rita Ventura, Marcelino Rodrigues, Sofia Caranova, Afonso Leite, Raquel Póvoas, Teresa Felix e Paulo Fontainhas.

Principe 2013

This year, the Principe Project began to grow: we had nine volunteers on the ground over five weeks.The first activity of this team was the long-awaited Xináa Fogáa Summer Camp, and for five days the volunteers provided joy and learning to more than 100 children. These spaces were the scene of the first edition of the Gravana School, with workshops and training sessions aimed at the children and young people of the community in areas such as Entrepreneurship, Geography, Science and English.

Volunteers: Teresa Teixeira, Bernardo Reis, Manuel Carvalho, Gonçalo Gomes, Margarida Castro Lopes, Margarida Domingues, André Vidigal e Neli Fernandes.

Principe 2012: The beginning of a dream

Our first adventure was in 2012 already, the year that the first volunteers of the Principe Project headed to the island. For a month, these five volunteers organized the Xináa Fogáa Summer Camp in Picão, where they organized games for more than 100 children. And they also recovered two study rooms.

Volunteers: Alexandre Matias, Teresa Teixeira, João Calvão, Joana Pimenta e Miguel Ventura.